Using Process Builder to Add FedEx Tracking Number to your Contact Object

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Todays blog post will show you how add the FedEx Tracking Number onto the Contact object after you have created a shipment. Firstly make sure you have the text field available on your contact object:   Next let’s create a Process Builder task to retrieve the tracking number once the shipment has been created. To […]

The new Multi-Carrier Shipping App for Salesforce is now Live on AppExchange!

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  Shipping inside Salesforce just got better, with the introduction of the new Multi-Carrier Shipping app to the AppExchange. Users can now choose between 30+ carriers to manage their logistics within the CRM platform (Multi-Carrier supports all Salesforce Editions: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance). Today, Salesforce users can create shipments, schedule pickups, track, and set up […]