Bulk Cancel UPS shipments

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A quick code snippet for you today, if you want to cancel all UPS shipments that have not been picked up. Here is the code to run in Developer Console: Line 4 determines the shipments we want to set as cancelled. For this snippet we have decided to cancel all shipments older than UPS-Shipment-0000001000. Line 7 […]

Send an email template with a GIF attachment

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Today we will show you how to send an email template with a GIF return label attached once a shipment is created from a Case. Before you can write any code you need to set up three things; Email template Notification checkbox Create a new lookup relationship from the UPS Shipment to the Case object […]

Add External UPS tracking numbers to an Order

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In todays blog post we’ll show you how to add externally created UPS tracking number to an object. Most common use cases are to get updated tracking, that you are then able to query using the standard salesforce reporting. We will be using the Order object in our demo here. The code is made up […]

New UPS version 3.10 Released

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We’ve been working on our UPS app and added some new great features based on your feedback: Added ability to edit package profiles “Delivered to” and “Signed For By” Tracking Information added to shipment object 3 address lines now available for shipment destinations Phone number format maintained through One Click Shipping One Click Shipping to […]

UPS Version 3.6 Released

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During the past months we have been working on two major features to make your shipping through our UPS app more efficient. With the new UPS version you can benefit from: 1) Print Management Software Update: ability to choose your thermal label printer, non thermal label printer and document printer, on a global, preference and […]

UPS Version 3.0 Released

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We have been busy working on a new version of our UPS App. We’ve launched many new major features to make shipping more efficient. Default Service Type, Package Types and Packages and auto-create shipments We’ve extended Custom Address Source to map many more fields into the shipping wizard! This includes Service Type, Packaging Type and […]

Salesforce Work Orders with FedEx, UPS and USPS Shipping Apps

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Salesforce has released a new feature called Work Orders. According to Salesforce, work orders let you efficiently track repairs, standard maintenance, and other types of service. This sounds like a great use case for Shipping! Here is a tutorial on how to generate FedEx shipping labels for Work Orders. These can either be outbound (replacements) […]