Product Update Webinar – Custom Object Integration (3 Objects Deep)

product update webinar

In this latest product update webinar we will show you our newest feature allowing you to pull data from fields three objects away.
This is great if you create Returns from Cases, you can pull related contact and product data directly into the shipping wizard for one-click shipping without ever creating a formula field!
This webinar will last 30 and will include a Q&A at the end.

Webinar Recording – Shipping Automation using Process Builder and Flows

If you missed out webinar on shipping automation using process builder and flows on the 14th of December, you can view the recording here. In the presentation, Chris Hall and James Lumb take you through how to Email Shipping Labels when a Case Status Changes Calculate Shipping Quotes on Opportunities when the stage changes Track shipments in Salesforce generated by non-native ERP products And...