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Is your business suffering because of its returns policy?

Returns policy

With so much being bought online it is typical that users will occasionally want to return products for any number of reasons. This means as a retailer you must be ready to accept these returns. This doesn’t mean have enough cash flow to be able to refund the customer, or even to give them store credit (more on this later). You must have a plan to deal with the return as quickly as possible...

Product Update Webinar – Custom Object Integration (3 Objects Deep)

product update webinar

In this latest product update webinar we will show you our newest feature allowing you to pull data from fields three objects away.
This is great if you create Returns from Cases, you can pull related contact and product data directly into the shipping wizard for one-click shipping without ever creating a formula field!
This webinar will last 30 and will include a Q&A at the end.

Upload UPS Tracking Numbers for Tracking in Salesforce

This post will show you how you can upload ups tracking numbers from a CSV file into salesforce, and have our UPS app provide you with tracking updates. For this example we will use a Sales Order object that has two fields. One for the tracking number and one for the ship date you will be uploading.   The first thing you need to do is create a look up from the UPS Shipment Object to your...

Webinar Recording – Shipping Automation using Process Builder and Flows

If you missed out webinar on shipping automation using process builder and flows on the 14th of December, you can view the recording here. In the presentation, Chris Hall and James Lumb take you through how to Email Shipping Labels when a Case Status Changes Calculate Shipping Quotes on Opportunities when the stage changes Track shipments in Salesforce generated by non-native ERP products And...

We will be at Dreamforce 2017… Will you?

dreamforce 2017 background

If you have been keeping up with our updates recently you will probably already know that we are excited to be sponsors of Dreamforce 2017. We have some great new features to show you inside our apps. Lightning Support is a feature many of our customers are talking about and of course we will be on hand to show you exactly what our apps can do and how they can benefit your business. We are also...

Request UPS rate for shipment from the Account Object

request ups rates from the account object

Today we will show you how you can get UPS rates for a shipment and add the users choice back onto the account object. The first thing we need to do is set the “to” and “from” address of the shipment. In the code below we get the preference details to ship from and we get the ship to address details from the account object itself. We add all this information to a queuedShipment object. Note lines...

Matouk Goes Best of Breed With Zenkraft and Rootstock

matouk and zenkraft

Matouk & Co. Inc.,is a world renowned textile manufacturer, producing high-end bed and bath linens. Their headquarters, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, is a world-class facility featuring a solar energy system, advanced production technologies, and an environment committed to promoting the health and well being of their employees. At Matouk old world techniques live hand-in-hand with...